Celo Extension Wallet (desktop)

What is Celo Extension Wallet?

The Celo Extension Wallet is a fork of MetaMask developed by DSRV, a South Korean blockchain firm.

The wallet can be downloaded here. Connecting should be as simple as selecting "Connect to a wallet" and selecting "Celo Extension Wallet".

Celo Extension Wallet is a browser extension. Not to be confused with Celo Wallet which is a separate app/website. Please ensure when selecting which wallet you want to connect with that you select the correct one.

Exporting keys from Celo Extension Wallet to MetaMask

Why would you switch?

Some users have had issues confirming transactions with CEW while using Ubeswap. These issues are likely because it's not an actively maintained fork of MetaMask and needed updates haven't been added. The choice is up to you, but MetaMask is actively being maintained and has been more reliable for users since it became compatible with the Celo network.


  1. Setup MetaMask in a browser and connect it to the Celo network

  2. Securely store your seed phrase generated for your Celo Extension Wallet in case you need to recover your keys (hopefully you already have). You can't import an existing Celo account into the MetaMask wallet using its seed phrase directly, as you'd get the Ethereum version of it. Instead, you have to import it using the associated private key.

Private Key Export + Import

  1. Click on Celo Extension Wallet extension within your browser, click on the triple dots next to the name of the account you wish to export, and then select "Account details" from the drop down [See Figure 1]

  2. From the pop-up that appears, select "Export Private Key" [See Figure 2]

  3. Enter in your password for Celo Extension Wallet and click "Confirm" to reveal your private key

  4. Copy the private key and store securely [See Figure 3]

  5. Click on MetaMask extension within your browser, click on the account selection within MetaMask, and then select "Import Account" from the drop down [See Figure 4]

  6. Select "Private Key" for import type, paste in the private key you copied from Celo Extension Wallet, and click "Import" [See Figure 5]

  7. Success! You should now see your account from Celo Extension Wallet within MetaMask. Verify that you've imported the correct account onto the Celo network and that your private key plus pass phrase are stored securely before uninstalling Celo Extension Wallet.