Swapping Tokens

Ubeswap allows you to swap between any two tokens, granted an Ubeswap pair between those two tokens exist.

Let's say you have cUSD and want to swap it for CELO.

  • On the interface, select the tokens you want to exchange from (cUSD) and to (CELO)

  • Enter a quantity of cUSD to swap from. This quantity should be more than 0 but less than your maximum balance

  • Click Approve cUSD and accept the transaction on your wallet

    • Tip: Approving means you grant the Ubeswap smart contract permission to spend your cUSD tokens. Ubeswap will never spend your cUSD without your explicit permission to swap

  • Once the approval has succeeded, you can click Swap to perform the swap between cUSD and CELO. Again, accept the transaction on your wallet.

Congrats! You just swapped cUSD for CELO.

How do I get a certain token?‌

In most cases, you can get a certain token by swapping for it on Ubeswap.

If it's an mToken, you can also get it from Moola. For example, you can get mcUSD or mcEUR either by a) swapping on Ubeswap or b) depositing cUSD / cEUR into Moola on the deposit page.

Where can I see my tokens?

You can see your tokens either directly in certain Wallets or on Celo Explorer at https://explorer.celo.org/address/[YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS]/tokens (put in your wallet address where it says [YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS]).

What happens if I swap mTokens for another token?

Moola tokens are effectively the receipt for your deposit in Moola. It enables you to get back the token you've locked up in the Moola contract. Its value is the same as X token, so if you swap mToken for something else, you just simply won't be able to get that token back from Moola and it could impact your collateral balance.

Where can I find the prices for the various tokens?

You can find token price and other analytics at https://info.ubeswap.org/.