Using the Alfajores Testnet


As part of rolling out Ubeswap, we've deployed it to Alfajores, the Celo testnet, for you to interact with.

Please report all bugs in the #feedback channel on our discord.


The frontend is deployed at

You can confirm that you are using the testnet contracts by checking your URL and by looking for the "Alfajores" banner next to the wallet connection in the navbar.

Pools / Markets

In Alfajores, right now we only support trading between cUSD and CELO, so there is only one pool: cUSD/CELO.

Mobile users

Celo is mobile-first, and Ubeswap will work with Valora and any other future Celo wallets. The Alfajores deployment of Ubeswap will only work with the development mode version of the Valora app. It will not work with the normal version of Valora that you may have already installed on your phone

See Mobile wallet - Valora (testnet) for instructions on connecting Valora to Ubeswap

Desktop users

Ubeswap also supports desktop users. For the Aflajores deployment, we only support Chrome / Brave as browsers and Ledger users.

See Desktop wallet - Ledger for instructions on connecting Ledger to Ubeswap

Testnet funds

Celo provides a faucet where you can obtain CELO and cUSD on the Alfajores testnet free of charge:

To obtain CELO and cUSD, provide your wallet address (starts with 0x), complete the CAPTCHA, and click Get started

Using Ubeswap

See Basic usage for instructions on how to swap.