Valora (mobile)
Using Ubeswap via Valora


    Smartphone (iOS or Android)
    A small amount of CELO is required for transaction fees. Users should be able to swap cUSD to CELO in the Valora app or purchase CELO directly.
    Most users have the best experience by using their phone's native browser (i.e. Safari on iOS), not being in a private browsing session, and after having verified their phone number on the Valora app.

Installing Valora

To install Valora, install the mobile wallet from https://valoraapp.com/.

Connecting Valora to Ubeswap

    Go to and click Connect to a wallet
    Select Valora as the wallet
    Accept the popup to open the link in the Valora app
    Click Allow to connect your Valora wallet to Ubeswap
      NOTE: This action only allows Ubeswap to see your public wallet information i.e. your wallet address
Wallet connected!

Using the Alfajores Testnet

If you are following this tutorial for the Alfajores testnet, you can obtain CELO via https://celo.org/developers/faucet by providing your wallet's address. Your wallet's address can be found on Valora here:
Tip: Your wallet address will start with 0x.
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