Importing a custom farm


  1. Click Import Farm button on the farm tab. [See Figure 1] You should already be connected to a wallet. If not, the button will be disabled.

  2. Once you click the button, you will be able to see the Import Farm modal. You can enter or paste the address of a farm that you are going to import on the input field. If the address is the correct farm address and you don’t have that farm already in available pools or on your browser, you can import the farm by clicking the Import Farm button. [See Figure 2]

  3. You can see the imported farms on the farm tab [See Figure 3]

Disclaimer: Ubeswap is not responsible for any loss or claim that may arise from a participant's use of Import Farms. Third party tokens that may be available on Import Farm are not affiliated with Ubeswap in any way. Each participant must evaluate and research risks associated with each token before farming or staking such a token through Import Farms. DeFi is a new technology that comes with risk of loss. Statements may be forward-looking and are not intended as guarantees of future performance.